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Ceylon Tea

The alchemy of land, sun and rain in the Paradise Island of Ceylon, as it was known 40 years ago, presents the ideal climatic conditions for cultivation of tea. Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka brings a new dimension to tea by producing variations in taste, quality, character and appearance, largely based on terrain of the region. Ceylon tea with its distinct taste and character, has now become every consumer’s favourite cuppa.

Ceylon tea became the front-runner of the industry and was much loved for its unmatched quality and variety.

There are three main tea growing regions in Sri Lanka. These are, Low grown teas which are teas grown on an elevation between sea level to 600m, Mid Grown teas which are from 600m to 1,200m and High grown teas which are grown at an elevation above 1,200m. The taste, flavour and aroma of teas from each region are influenced by the conditions particular to those regions. Low grown teas, which are subjected to long periods of sunshine, dry and somewhat warm and moist conditions, exhibit a burgundy brown liquor and a malt, heavy note with black leaf appearance. Whereas High grown teas grown on an elevation of around 3,000 feet would be dramatically different – depending on the time of year, influenced by the chill winds, dry and cool conditions these teas are likely to be extraordinarily light, with greenish, grassy tones in honey golden liquors.

To know more about Ceylon Tea, you must visit a Sri Lankan Tea Factory or Tea Processing Center.


Pedro Tea Estate

We at Keondra Holidays offer tours to Pedro Estate which is the closest Srilanka tea factory from the Holiday Resort of Nuwara Eliya. Pedro Estate is also home for Sri Lanka’s tallest peak, Mount Pedro. Pedro Estate also has a beautiful Tea Center and fittingly named as ‘The Lovers’ Leap.

Visitors to Pedro Estate are normally treated with typical Sri Lankan courtesy and normally given an educative, guided tour on the various stages of tea manufacturing process, which includes the actual “Tea Experience” of plucking, processing, producing, grading & packaging of tea and finally enjoy a cup of world famous Ceylon Tea.


Heritance Tea Factory

Where else in the world can you stay in a converted tea factory, pluck your own tea and take it home with you as a souvenir? At 2km above sea level, the views over the lush green organic plantations as the sun mingles with the mist is an unforgettable revelation of the beauty that is Nuwara Eliya. Heritance Tea Factory brings this unique experience to life. Enjoy the captivating setting as you tuck into high tea on the terrace or a delicious tea-themed menu in the restaurant. For an extraordinary Sri Lankan 4 star hotel experience make your way to Heritance Tea Factory, where the kettle is always on.


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