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Attractions & Activities

You can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities during your Maldives vacation. Most resorts offer services that coordinate these activities for you.

Here are some of the main ones on offer:

• Island Cruises

One of the most fascinating trips available in the Maldives. Island hopping allows guests to experience life in an isolated Maldivian island. Most of the resorts offer half or full day island excursions.

An island hopping excursion may be included in your package although this is an optional extra in many resorts. Typically, visitors are transported to certain uninhabited islands to laze away on the beaches, enjoy a beach barbeque and do some snorkelling.


• Night Fishing

Ready to catch your own dinner? Many Maldives resorts offer night fishing trips where guests are furnished with fishing rods and transported by boat to popular fishing locations. Resort chefs will prepare and serve the catch upon the guest's return.


• Seaplane Photo Flight

If you want the opportunity to take the most spectacular photos of your trip, be sure to book a photo flight on a Maldivian Air sea plane.


• Spas

Many of the island resorts offer full spa facilities. So set aside some time to pamper yourself during your stay.


• Sports

Many resorts offer badminton, beach volleyball, tennis and soccer. Some offer squash courts and most have some type of games room offering ping pong, pool and a variety of board games.


• Fine Dining

Meals may be included as part of your package deal, or you may purchase them separately. Most Maldives resorts have more than one restaurant for you to choose from. If what you have in mind is only a light snack then coffee shops in resorts would be the ideal choice.


• Entertainment

The Maldivians are famous for their native shows. Be sure to book one during your stay.


• Festivals

The Maldivians love celebrating, and if you happen to be taking your Maldives holidays at the right time of the year, you can witness the parades and marches associated with Independence Day on July 26 or Republic Day on November 11. Most Maldives religious festivals are based on the Muslim calendar.


• Shopping

You can shop for a variety of items at the Maldives island resorts, but the best shopping is available in Malé (capital of Maldives)


• Malé Tour

Malé, the capital of the Maldives, is one location you don't want to miss. Set aside one day of your holiday to schedule a tour of the capital.

Maldives Water Sports

Because the Maldives is 99% water, there is an abundance of water sports and water-based activities for you to enjoy. Most resorts offer services that coordinate these activities for you.

If you plan on spending a lot of time enjoying these activities during your Maldives vacation, check the prices at the various resorts before you finalize your accommodation. Many resorts there are additional fees for tuition and the use of facilities and equipment while others offer guests free use of these facilities.

Here are some of the main water sports on offer:

• Catamaran Sailing
• Diving
• Jet Skiing
• Kayaking
• Kite Surfing
• Parasailing
• Sailing
• Snorkeling
• Surfing
• Water Skiing
• Windsurfing


Plus you can indulge in other water-related pastimes such as

• Beach Volleyball
• Body surfing
• Fishing
• Swimming

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